Why We Do What We Do

Our business model was based on the fact that there are some really great books out there that no one has ever heard of. Writing a book involves one skill set, telling people about the book involves a different skill set. At Author Options, we have the tools and know-how to help authors promote their books using every means available to them, while helping them feel confident that they are in control of their choices.

We are not a publisher, a self-publisher, a vanity press, or anything of the kind. We are an author services platform, a tour guide on how to take charge of your writing and your career. We will also never use your private contact information for purposes other than the promotion of your book or others’ works, and will never post on your behalf without your explicit instructions. Your information is safe with us!

The only good book is a book that people can read, and no one can read your book if it’s hiding.