“I see your ‘professional services’ as INVALUABLE. I am so grateful that I contacted you! I feel as though we are going forward with the kind of expert guidance only successful, traditionally published authors have access to.

“The access you offer authors to email contacts, phone calls, etc. with any purchase of services is concrete evidence of your professional grasp of their needs and how to meet them. I am extremely impressed! Thank you!”
–Joann Bennett, By 17: The Collected Stories of Frank Bennett


“Two years ago I was a floundering author. I had a great manuscript, the interest of agents and editors, some knowledge of self-publishing, and a whole lot of confusion. Then I found Author Options, and the sun broke through the clouds.

“Throughout the years I have worked with her, Author Options’ founder, Mercy Pilkington, has continued to astound me. Is it her deep understanding of the publishing process, her calming advice on navigating its perils? Is it her knowing how to balance my “edginess” with the demands of “gentler” audiences? Is it her pronto reply time, her insane work ethic, her magical solution for every issue I throw her way? No, I don’t think so. I think, instead, it’s her humility.

“This is a woman with rabid fans, thousands of followers. She counts writing world celebrities among her personal friends. She was flown to England, for God’s sake, to interview J.K. Rowling’s literary agent. She’s that gal. And she—she works with me? And her coaching fits my budget? Astounding. Like stumbling upon a pot of gold.

“Today I have a published memoir with a whole bunch of five-star reviews. To go with it I have a kick-ass blog, an active Facebook author page, a twitter account, a host of media appearances…and a clear trajectory for where I’m heading next as an author, and the knowledge on how to get there.”

–Cyndy Drew Etler, author of Straightling: A Memoir